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Using the radius search option

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The radius (a.k.a. Distance) drop-down allows users to select from a range of pre-set distances within which results should be displayed.

To add a radius drop-down to your locator, click as shown to add the field to the search form:

To control the list of available distances (or radii), update the comma-delimited list of values as shown in the settings for the Radius field.

The units of measurement are controlled by this setting:

The unit of measurement can also be controlled dynamically based on the visitor's country of origin, as described here.

When the radius drop-down is not added to the search form as described above, the system uses the Default distance setting to control the radius value as found under Search Form Settings.

For legacy Interface Editor software users, use the following instructions:

The radius is required when you are performing a distance search, but you can hide it and control its default value.

To hide the radius, add this CSS to your Style settings:


As shown here:

Then, under Search Form Settings, set your List of Distances to the one value you would like the drop-down to contain, such as 50.


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