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Changing field labels on the search form
Changing field labels on the search form
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The MetaLocator search form allows complete control over the text displayed to the end user.  This control is facilitated by the Language feature found in the Control Panel.  To change the name of a standard control, take the following steps:

  1. Click Language from the Control Panel

  2. Identify the language for which the field label will be changed.  This is often the default language, shown as English (en-GB)

  3. Click the desired language to load the Language Editor.  The Language Editor consists of a series of "Constants", paired with a corresponding "Value". The "Value" is the text seen by the end user, and the Constant is the internal symbol used to represent that language string.

  4. Find the Constant associated with the field label that needs to be updated.  To quickly find a field, use the browsers text-search function (CTRL+f) and search for the text needing the change.

  5. To create a new constant for a category or custom field, enter the name of the field in all upper case, without spaces or numbers and prefixed with LOCATOR_.  For example, a custom field called "Lobby 1 Hours" would have a constant as follows: LOCATOR_LOBBYHOURS

  6. Provide a value for the desired constant and save the changes.

  7. Important: If you edited the default language en-GB file, the system created a new override file for you.  You have to update your Interface settings to use this new language file.  Under Interfaces, choose your Interface, then under Language and Internationalization Settings, choose the new Language file.




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