Take the following general steps to offer your locations in multiple languages:

1) Create an import spreadsheet with each location listed once for each language, containing the appropriately translated content. As in this example that shows one physical location, entered once for English and once for Spanish.

2) Include a Category to designate the language. In our example, the tag1 column (note that "tag" as used here refers to Category) would contain English for the first row and Spanish (or Espanol if you prefer) in the second row.

3) If the locations are actually located in different countries, be sure to assign the correct TLD for each location row. See our International notes for more information.

4) Import your locations and geocode in the normal way.

5) Create two Interfaces, one for each language and under data settings, choose the Category that corresponds with the language for that locator Interface.

6) Publish each Interface on your Website and you're done!

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