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Tracking internal conversion sources with Where to Buy
Tracking internal conversion sources with Where to Buy

Practical methods for tracking internal conversions from Where to Buy.

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Most MetaLocator customers use Where to Buy to display opportunities to purchase from third parties.  However, for some customers, they present themselves as a purchase option within the Where to Buy Interface alongside third party options. 

Tracking purchases that pass through the MetaLocator Where to Buy interface must be reportable in the Website's analytics as a segment, allowing our customers to see which users purchased through Where to Buy, as opposed to any other direct methods available elsewhere on the site.  This is important for A:B testing and where other direct purchase options exist.

The objective is to inject a dimension of some kind along the user's conversion path. This dimension should be "segment-able".  E.g. an Analytics user should be able to filter to show only conversions that passed through Where to Buy using the chosen segment.

Google Enhanced eCommerce


  1. MetaLocator cross-domain GA must be configured with GTM.

  2. Google Enhanced eCommerce is an extension of traditional Google Analytics that must be enabled.  To enable Enhanced eCommerce, follow these instructions:

  3. Google Enhanced eCommerce is implemented through the Data Layer in Google Tag Manager so GTM must be in use on the customer Web site.

MetaLocator can trigger promotion impressions and clicks using Google Enhanced eCommerce as described in this article:

In this approach, we consider Where to Buy as a "Promotion".  When Where to Buy is viewed, we trigger an impression as described here:

When an internal conversion path is clicked, we trigger a promotion click:

Reporting Promotions with Google Enhanced eCommerce

This process is described here:

Tracking Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics Events

MetaLocator can trigger a Google Analytics Event when the Where to Buy interface is displayed.  This allows the creation of reports that show conversions that include this special event.  This allows reporting for only those conversions which included this event along the conversion path.  

For example, an event such as the following can be triggered:

Event category = 'wheretobuy' (Analagous to utm_source)
Event action = '{view|click}_sku_{sku} | {view|click}_groupid_{groupid}' (Analagous to utm_campaign)
Event label = '{sku}' (Analagous to utm_content) 

The MetaLocator Buy Online HandleBars template must be updated to trigger this event as shown below:

<a href="#" onmousedown="dataLayer.push({'event' : 'trackEvent','eventCategory': 'wheretobuy','eventAction':'click_shoes_men_spring_2015','customDimension1':'competitorCount','customDimension2':'red','customDimension3':'buy_now','customDimension4':'a','customDimension5':'2','customDimension6':'price'});">

Reporting Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics Events

  1. Add a new segment in Google Analytics

  2. In the conditions tab: choose event action (ga:eventAction) which you want to track

  3. Save it & apply on traffic report


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