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Limiting fields displayed in the edit form
Limiting fields displayed in the edit form

Sometimes users manage multiple data types and you can show only relevant fields when editing those data types.

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MetaLocator allows users to create custom fields and even custom data types.

Sometimes a specific field is only related to a specific data type.  For example, a doctor might have a first and last name, while a hospital might use the provided Name field.  When users are editing a hospital type record, it can be confusing if they see a First Name and Last Name field.

To prevent the display of certain fields, you can associate them with a "type" so they are only displayed when editing records of that type.

Under Fields, click the name of the field.  Under Field Details, check the Show Only For Record Type field.  This will list the distinct values of the "type" column.  Select a type to limit display of that field to only when editing records of that type.

This has no effect on the public facing Interface, it just helps focus your content managers on the fields that matter.

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