Manually adding and editing data

Edit a location manually in the control pane.

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You can add and edit data one record at a time from MetaLocator using the Record Editor.  To get started, go to Data, then All Records and click the name of the record you want to edit. To create a new record, click New as shown below.

This screen allows you to manipulate all Record Fields directly from the MetaLocator Control Panel.  If you are creating a new record, the form will be empty, if you are editing an existing record, the form will be filled out with the Record's data.

The Record Editor is displayed as a series of tabs.  Your list of tabs may vary based on the account level you have purchased.

The Basic Information tab contains all MetaLocator-provided fields.  The only required field for any MetaLocator record is Name.

Provide as much detail as possible on this page.  A complete address, including postal code, street address, city and state are important.  Also, be sure to reserve Suite, Apartment, Unit # or other non-address location information in the Address 2 field.  This helps to ensure that the correct latitude and longitude will be assigned.

Like most MetaLocator fields, you can see more information about how that field is used by hovering your mouse over the label.  Some fields may have a video tutorial as well.

To control the Record Categories, click the Categories tab.  Here you can manually add and remove one or more Record Categories assigned to this record.

Under the Tools tab, you can choose to have MetaLocator geocode this record when it is saved.  Geocoding refers to the process of assigning a latitude and longitude to a Record based on the address data provided.  This is checked by default for new Records, or if you change the address while editing the record.  If geocoding fails, the record will still be saved, but a warning message will be displayed.

The Custom Fields tab displays any fields you have created.

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