Interface locking

When interfaces are accessed by multiple users, interface locking helps prevent conflicts

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If another user is editing an Interface, a lock icon will be shown in the list of Interfaces that indicates who is making those edits, where they are and when those edits began.

The lock icon does not prevent you from editing an Interface, it only attempts to show if another user is already working in the Interface.

If the user does not save their changes, the interface may be left in a locked state. This is why we show the time the edit began. If you observe that this tooltip reports your colleague has been actually editing an Interface for the last 48 hours straight, it is more likely they left the Interface open and did not click "Save & Close". It is therefore likely safe to continue with your own edits.

MetaLocator will display a warning if you continue with your edits.

Clearing the lock state

To clear the lock status, open the interface and click Save & Close or Close in the toolbar.

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