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Multi-factor Authentication

MetaLocator supports MFA/2FA during login.

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When logging in, you may see a prompt to provide an "Authentication Code" as shown below:

This is MetaLocator's multi-factor authentication prompt. If this is your first time seeing this prompt, you can ignore it during log in.

After logging in, you may choose to setup Multi-factor Authentication to boost the security of your account. Multi-factor Authentication provides an extra layer of protection for your MetaLocator account of your password were to be compromised or guessed.

Setting up Multi-factor Authentication

Follow these setups to setup Multi-factor Authentication:

  1. Login to MetaLocator here: with your username and password, leaving the Authentication Code empty.

  2. Click My User Profile under the User icon in the toolbar as shown below:

3. Click "Configure Multi-factor Authentication"

4. Select "Google Authenticator" from the Authentication Method drop-down.

5. Follow the instructions provided to install Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

6. Scan the QR Code provided and enter the Security Code.

7. Optionally print and save the one-time emergency passwords in a secure location.

8. Click Save

Once enabled, you must use a Multi-factor Authentication and provide an authorization code during login.

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