To upload files in a secure manner to MetaLocator, we provide SFTP access to our Enterprise clients.  The helpdesk must create SFTP credentials for you upon request.  The helpdesk will provide a username, a hostname and a private key.  These are shared securely via LastPass.

We cannot share SFTP credentials via email for security reasons.

To connect to the SFTP repository, an SFTP client must be used.  These instructions use WinSCP.

  1. Open WinSCP

  2. Click New Site

  3. Enter the provided hostname and username as shown below: 

  4. Click Advanced, and select Authentication under SSH.  Select the provided Private Key file (PPK). 

  5. Click Ok, then Save.  No password is provided.  Do not supply or enter a password.

  6. Click Login

At this point you may upload and/or download files as necessary.


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