To import data via SFTP in the background on a regular basis, contact with our helpdesk is required, and a subscription to our Backgrounding addon is also required.

Configure your SFTP credentials in the import wizard by selecting SFTP as the data source.

Provide your credentials and path as shown below. MetaLocator will provide SFTP credentials to you. You should upload your file to this SFTP repository on a daily basis.

Click Next and the system will download the file according to the information provided. The system will also create a background job which can be used to control job scheduling.

Provide the column mapping and import options as described in other tutorials.

The most recent 30 files will be retained for up to a maximum age of 120 days.  The SFTP server should not be used as a backup facility or for any other purpose than the transmission of data for import into MetaLocator.


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