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MetaLocator allows you to display lists of a categories for a given location in your templates.  Sometimes our users want to hide or filter certain categories from these public facing lists.  For example, you might have a certain utility category that's used to filter your data, but is not relevant to your visitor.  We therefore provide a filtering attribute by category group.  In this example, only categories from the Primary category group will be displayed:

{taglist tag_group="Primary"}

If a language constant has been provided for the tag_group, you must filter with that constant instead of the group name as LOCATOR_TAG_GROUP_PRIMARY, as in {taglist tag_group="LOCATOR_TAG_GROUP_PRIMARY"}

In this example, all categories will be displayed:


This allows you to "hide" certain categories from public view.

Other tags that support this feature are:


Each of these tags can only be used once in a single template.

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