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Legacy: Adding tabs to map marker popup windows
Legacy: Adding tabs to map marker popup windows
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Adding tabs to your map marker popup windows involves editing the Map Popup Template for your Interface.  Find this Interface option under Template Settings.

The following markup creates two tabs within the map popup, one for "address" and another for "details".  Notice also that the location "title" is outside the tab set.


{opentab label="Address"}


{city}, {state} {postalcode}


{opentab label="Details"}






The opentab and closetab tags control the start and end of the tab's container.  The first tab in this example is labelled "Address", and it contains the address related fields.  Notice also the {closetab} tag, which establishes the end of the first tab.  It is followed immediately by another tab that contains the remaining fields.
 The markup above produces the following layout:

To add this markup to the Map Popup Template, switch to Source view by clicking the Source button on the toobar and edit the markup directly as shown above.

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