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Legacy: Dynamic Map Markers
Legacy: Dynamic Map Markers
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Dynamic Map Markers canynamic data as a label to your map marker icon, or as the icon itself.  This can be useful for displaying a custom data element, such as a price, as the marker instead of a static icon.

To get started with Dynamic Map Markers, open your interface's Map Settings.  The options involved in Dynamic Map Markers include:

  • Dynamic Icon Field:  This is the field name that should be used to populate your dynamic marker.  This can be a system field, like "id", "lat" or "number" or it can be a custom field that you have provided.  Be sure to provide the field "Template Markup" without curly braces.

  • Dynamic Icon Label Offset:  This is the x,y offset to position the label.  By default, a dynamic label is drawn with its anchor point at (0,0) so that its top left corner is positioned at the anchor point of the associated marker. Use this property to change the anchor point of the label. For example, to center a 50px-wide label beneath a marker, specify a Dynamic Icon Label Offest of 25, 0.  X-values increase to the right and y-values increase to the top.

  • Disable Default Marker Icon:  If you only want the label, and do not wish to display an marker icon, set this option to "Yes"

The labels are automatically given a class name that is dynamically build from the Dynamic Icon Field.  So, if your Dynamic Icon Field is price, then the class given to the label will be ml_labels_price



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