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Legacy: Setting the default map marker image
Legacy: Setting the default map marker image
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When placing a location on a map, a marker must be used.  The marker is an image file that is used to represent the location.  An example is shown here:

These images are commonly controlled by the Categories associated with that record.  See our other documentation for a full explanation of Categories and their uses.  When locations are not categorized, they commonly appear as a red marker with a dot.  This graphic comes from Google and is used when no custom marker image is provided.  If you would like to override that default image, and provide your own image for uncategorized locations, use the "Default Map Marker" setting, as shown here (as found under your Map Settings):

This setting takes a full URL to the marker image, such as

Which looks like this

You can copy and paste that URL directly into the Default Map Marker setting, or you can pick from the Marker Gallery using the Browse button, or you can even upload your own icon. Make sure the icon is only about 64x64 pixels in size.

That's all there is to it!

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