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Once your data is imported, there are a few operations you may need to perform on one or more records.  The Bulk Actions menu provides a few essential functions to help you operate on more than one record at once.

There are two steps to using the Bulk Actions feature: first, you must create a selection, and second execute a bulk action against those selected records.

Creating a Selection

There are two ways to select records.  First, you can manually select records by checking the box adjacent to the record as shown here:

That method is great for quickly selecting a small handful of records or a single record.

Secondly, you can select records by "creating a selection".  First determine the records that need to be selected.  This might be based on one or more search terms.  Under Data > All Records, click Search & Select to expand the options.

Choose the options or values to determine your selection and click Create Selection.

MetaLocator will show a message indicating the number of records selected.

Executing a Bulk Action

Now that your selection is created, you can act on these records in bulk using the Bulk Actions menu.

The available actions are shown above, and include

  • Publish: This action sets your locations to a Published status

  • Unpublish: This action sets your locations to an un-Published status where they do not appear on the front end and do not count against your Account Quota

  • Geocode: This action will re-calculate the latitude and longitude of the selected records.

  • Delete: This action will permanently delete the selected records.

  • Set Categories: Use this option to add or remove categories to records in bulk.

  • Set User: Set the owner of the record (Platinum and Higher only)

  • Set Field Value: Set the value of a field to a provided value.

  • Set Offers: Associate configured Offers with the selected locations.

Set Field Value is particularly useful when updating information in bulk.  It allows you to update the contents of the selected record's field in bulk.  If selected, it presents this screen:

Choose the field from the drop-down list, and enter the value for that field.  Click Save and the system will update each record as instructed.

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