You can quickly export your data from MetaLocator into a spreadsheet format.  The process is quite simple, and begins by logging into the MetaLocator Control Panel, choosing Data, then Export.

There are a few options to explore.  Just clicking Export will export all of your data into a CSV spreadsheet for download.  This file will be emailed to the currently logged in user.  A link to the spreadsheet will also be added to the User Notification section as shown below:

Exporting Selected Records

If you prefer to export data that originated from a certain Import, you can choose the filename from the the drop down list.

If you have created a search under Data > All Records as shown below...

This filter will persist in the Export process, as notified on the Export screen.  This is helpful when exporting a subset of records that may match complex criteria like a certain state, keyword or categories.

Exporting the MetaLocator ID

Also, you can choose if you would like to include the MetaLocator-assigned ID number.  When importing your data, if the system encounters the MetaLocator-assigned ID number, it will UPDATE the records with a matching ID number instead of inserting new records.

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