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Filtering Interface Data
Filtering Interface Data
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Note: If you are an agency managing multiple customers, you must have a MetaLocator Developer account agreement.  This method can not be used to manage multiple customer's data within the same account.

There are two basic steps to filtering your data within MetaLocator.  First, the data must be separated by Category, Country, Language or a Custom Field.  Second, your Interface must be configured to show only the appropriate data according to your chosen categorization.

To filter data displayed in an interface based on the Category, see this tutorial.

To filter data based on Field Filters:

There are many ways to specify a given record's Country, Language or a Custom Field.  The simplest way is to include this information in your Import Data file.  This screenshot shows an import file with a Type specified.

After importing this data, we can now create two independent Interfaces.  One that displays only Retail data and one for Wholesale.

Once the Interfaces are created, filter each Interface according to the option shown below:

Once configured, that interface will only show data that equals the value input. This same strategy can be implemented using Countries, Languages or other Custom Fields.

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