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Platinum and Enterprise Only: Using the background geocoder
Platinum and Enterprise Only: Using the background geocoder
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Enterprise XML/RPC API Users can submit non-geocoded locations through the API, which in turn will be automatically geocoded by our background geocoder.

To ensure locations submitted via the API are processed by our background geocoder, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be published (via the API or the Control Panel)

  2. The sourcefile attribute must be set to 'API' or 'BACKGROUND'.  This is done automatically when new locations are added via the setLocation method of the XML/RPC API or the data is added via a background process like Google Sheets or SalesForce

  3. The TLD value must be properly set

  4. The latitude & longitude fields of the location must be NULL or zero

  5. The geocoding must have not previously failed.

The background geocoder only operates on Enterprise and Platinum accounts.

To clear the "Failed" status of any location, it must be saved or updated via the API or the Control Panel.


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