Many users often look to MetaLocator's custom fields for including items like Store Hours or Fax Number or pictures.  However, the description field can display those items and more.  The description field is found while editing your locations, and includes a full WYSIWYG HTML editor, as shown here:

One special element of the description field includes how it can be "split" into 3 fields, using a separator.  Often times, you'll find that a short "blurb" or "intro" to your full location details might be useful within, for example, the map popup.  However, you don't want to inundate the user with a multi-paragraph narrative in that small space.  Notice the "Read More" button at the bottom of the editor window.  This separator allows you to choose exactly where the "blurb" stops and the full text of the description begins.  Place your mouse where you would like that separation to occur, and click "Read More".  That blue line visually indicates where your intro and the rest of the text is delineated.

The description field is now separated into:

  1. {introtext}

  2. {fulltext} (A.k.a. {description})

  3. {resttext}

For a complete description of how these markup tags are then used, refer to the Item Address Formats article.

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