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Lead Budget Field
Lead Budget Field

Using the lead budget field helps you prioritize and route leads

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The Budget field on the lead form is a special field that unlocks the ability to report leads in terms of revenue gained and lost over time. The Budget field is shown below:

To add the budget field to your lead form, in your interface settings:

  1. Click the Leads settings group

  2. Click Add Field

  3. Choose Budget from the list of fields.

  4. Configure the available options (See below)

The Budget field can display an optional currency drop-down for international deployments.

When a user submits a lead that is not in USD, MetaLocator will convert the value to USD for reporting while retaining the original budget and currency values in the lead record.

When the Budget field is captured, MetaLocator can report accurate Revenue Generated and Revenue Lost figures in the dashboard.

When no budget field is configured, or the budget value was not obtained, the system uses the Average Lead Value as shown above. Adjust the Average Lead Value for your application by clicking the link as shown.

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