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Delegating data management with Country Managers
Delegating data management with Country Managers

You can assign responsibility for the maintenance of one or more countries.

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MetaLocator is a multi-user content management system that includes a special type of user, the Country Manager.

Country Managers have access to only manage location data, as controlled by the features found under the Data menu shown below.  

When a Country Manager logs in, they only see the Dashboard and Data menu items.  

Creating a Country Manager User

To create a country manager, click User Manager as shown below:

Click New, then complete the form as shown below.  Notice we have selected MetaLocator Country Manager as the access level.

Choose the country or countries to which this user should have access as shown below:

Warning: if no countries are chosen, the user will have complete access to all countries as shown below.

Upon saving the user, they will optionally receive an email that includes login information.  You can add a custom welcome message in the Custom Message field.

If you ever need to disable a Country Manager account without deleting it, toggle the Enabled switch shown on the User Manager:

Logging in as Country Manager User

When logging in as a country manager only the dashboard and Data menus are shown.

To learn more about operating MetaLocator as a Country Manager, see the Country Manager User Guide.

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