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Removing emails from unresponsive locations
Removing emails from unresponsive locations

When your dealers, partners or locations aren't responding to emails, you can automatically remove them from the pool of lead recipients

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It is critical that your customers receive prompt responses from your location network.  Should certain locations not acknowledge leads within a certain time frame, you can automatically remove the email from their contact record.  This will prevent unengaged locations from receiving leads to which they never respond. 

The EmailCleaner background process removes the email from unresponsive location records.  It includes only one required parameter, the number of hours to wait before removing the email.  It operates only on the system "email" field.  This process will not affect any custom email fields.

The EmailCleaner process runs according to the Background Process schedule provided when the job is created.  It should be run at least once per the period defined by the hours parameter.  E.g. if the hours parameter is set to 24, the process should be scheduled to run at least every 24 hours (or 86400 seconds).

The hours calculation only considers weekday hours.  An email will not be deactivated because of time elapsed over the weekend.  This process does not consider holidays.  Select an hours value that considers this factor.  

Bulk Imports

The EmailCleaner process removes the email from the location record of the unresponsive location.  It then adds the email to a secondary table.  This allows the Bulk import process to check if it has previously removed this email, allowing it to skip that email during future imports.  Without this option, the removed email would simply be re-added during future, possibly automated imports.

Re-activating Emails

When an email has been deactivated, it can be re-activated by opening the location record of concern under Data > All Records. If the email was deactivated a link will be placed under the email field.  Click the link to re-activate the email address as shown below.

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