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Updates included in the 5/5/2022 Release
Updates included in the 5/5/2022 Release
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  • Added a new control for crowdsourcing state and country territories.

  • Added new filters to the user manager for easier filtering by group and type.

  • Updated password reset feature to prevent users from specifying passwords in the user manager for increased security.

  • Added an option on the Export screen for crowdsourcing subscribers to export a file that joins both location and user data.

  • Added a Crowdsourcing dashboard to the welcome screen.

  • Added an account-wide user configurable lead data retention period.

  • Added a limit to the number of SMS messages that can be sent to a specific phone number in a 24-hour period.

  • Added a limit to the number of menu revisions to store (50).

  • Removed a FOUC from the display of the i8n phone field.

  • Added more automated tests to the deployment pipeline.

  • Updated pagination controls in the User Manager to better handle > 100 users in one account.

  • Updated the cache clearing system to include cache clear on

    • Language file updates

    • Individual location manual or crowdsourcing saves

    • Interface saves

    • Bulk imports

  • Updated User Manager API key display to detail page

  • Added lead profanity detection and optional block setting.

  • Performance improvements on primary endpoint

  • Performance improvements with large ACL lists

  • Performance improvements with field handling

  • Added dateCreated, dateUpdated to the default export format

  • Added User Group option to the Email Validation service

  • Fix for password reset error messages in crowdsourcing

  • Fix for clipboard access cross domain in Safari.

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