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Updates included in the 11/28/2022 Release
Updates included in the 11/28/2022 Release
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This release includes the following updates:

  • Improvements in Core Web Vital scores by introducing compressed content delivery, minified assets and other best practices for interfaces created in the Interface Builder.

  • Crowdsourcing: Added a deep linking trigger to login users and direct them straight to their locations.

  • Removed the use of latitude and longitude in URL parameters for user privacy protection.

  • Improved performance of the lead dashboard for customers with hundreds of thousands of leads.

  • Enabled the ability for users to use an image as the "active" map marker, as opposed to a font icon.

  • Added support for Traditional Chinese in country name translations for TW,HK and SG.

  • Added an option to allow end-users to choose their SalesForce Partner WSDL version.

  • Fixed an issue where location hours were not cleared when weekday hours columns were provided, but all were empty.

  • Updated our flood protection to allow customer-specific thresholds

  • Introduced a new warning during import that shows when a country name has been imported with two different country codes.

  • Added a Budget field for lead generation forms.

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