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Updates included in the 7/13/2022 Release
Updates included in the 7/13/2022 Release

This article describes updates included in the 7/13 release

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  • We have integrated updated master lists of official Country names and ISO country codes. This eliminates a few obscure codes for countries that no longer exist (E.g. Eastern Germany). This also updates our standard country names to more modern equivalents.

  • We have assimilated an expanded and updated list of administrative_level_1 areas, (E.g. states and provinces). This expands the number of countries in which state territories can be supported. This also expands the functionality of the "Statelist" field as linked to the "Countrylist" field as available in the Lead and Crowdsourcing Forms:

    This doesn't change the behavior of these forms, it simply results in more scenarios where MetaLocator can populate the state list based on the user's choice of Country.

  • This update also eliminates older state codes that had referenced the old 3166 numerical provinces codes.

  • A special update for Chinese Province-level territories has been applied. This ensures that when searching areas of China, the complete geographic hierarchy is included with the user's search.

  • We now support user-provided translations of the country name provided as LOCATOR_DATA_COUNTRY_TLD. For example, to override the country name provided by MetaLocator for the United States, you can specify LOCATOR_DATA_COUNTRY_US="United States of America". We still support LOCATOR_DATA_COUNTRY_UNITEDSTATES and LOCATOR_DATA_UNITEDSTATES for legacy purposes.

  • We have introduced a new Language constant that covers the translation of multi-select drop-down lists in the Interface Builder:
    LOCATOR_SELECTED_MULTIPLE="%s items selected"
    This is displayed when the user chooses more than one option in a mutl-select drop-down list.

  • Geocoding duplicates is now functioning correctly in a multi-table environment. See Analytics > Duplicates by Location, and the "Re-Geocode" button

  • Fields now include an "All Groups" option, which allows Administrators an easy way of ensuring all groups have access to certain core fields like "Address", "City" etc.

  • Legacy Fields of type "HTML" are now supported in the Interface Builder. This legacy field type is an older version of the Field Templates. Field Templates are the recommended standard for including custom HTML in Interfaces.

  • We have released an update to the CSS supporting the SMS Share dialog to support better rendering in RTL language contexts.

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