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Updating the SalesForce WSDL for an existing job
Updating the SalesForce WSDL for an existing job

The WSDL controls the API version used by MetaLocator to connect to SalesForce

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To update or change the WSDL associated with your existing SalesForce import jobs, login to MetaLocator and click the Background Processes icon in the toolbar:

Identify any jobs that are currently set to connect to SalesForce by looking in the Type column:

Click the job name to open the Job Edit form.

Specify one of the following values for the partner_wsdl option to use API Versions 55 or 50 respectively.
โ€‹Important, be sure to update the partner_wsdl not the wsdl option.



Click Save in the upper right. Your job has been updated accordingly.

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