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Interface Changed Settings Report
Interface Changed Settings Report

This report displays a summary of all settings that have been changed from their default

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When MetaLocator support reviews an interface, we often look first at changes to the Interface to understand how its been configured. When interfaces are years old, it can be easy to forget which specific changes were made.

The Interface Changed Settings report can be found for Legacy and Interface Builder Interfaces under the ellipsis menu as shown below:

The Report will show a row for each changed setting. Each row displays the following columns:

  • Setting Path: Where the setting can be found in the Interface Builder.

  • Upgrade Status: This columns is for Legacy interfaces only, and is discussed here.

  • Your Value: The value of the setting in this interface.

  • Default Value: The value of the setting in the interface template from which this interface was derived.

  • Difference: A "diff" output highlighting the differences which can be helpful for large setting values, such as HTML templates.

Comparing two Interfaces

The Interface Change Report can also display differences between any two interfaces. As show below, the Compare Interfaces option is displayed under the Interfaces menu. Select exactly two interfaces from the list, and then choose "Compare Interfaces". This produces the same Changed Settings report, however, it uses the first of the two Interfaces selected as the Interface to compare against the second.

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