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Updates included in the 2/19/2024 Release
Updates included in the 2/19/2024 Release
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  • ML-532: Allowing admins to permit Group Administrators to create background jobs. See the new "Create Background Processes" in the user form.

  • ML-831: Add zero-day data lead data retention period, allowing lead data to be delivered via email, but anonymized before storage in MetaLocator.

  • ML-834: WCAG: Autocomplete should announce its presence

  • ML-860 : Update to Google Maps integration for global integrations to redirect to a user-location region biased map to account for border disputes.

  • ML-935: FIX: This included improvements in accuracy when searches are performed when users search by a full state name or state abbreviation.

  • ML-910: FIX: Eliminate leading and trailing whitespace in some Field templates

  • ML-922: Enabled support for cookie-less analytics analytics tracking

  • ML-903: Improved error messages for SSO-only users attempting to login to the console directly.

  • ML-899: Added a Behavior option for Results Click to Open Details View.

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