MetaLocator allows you to import a specially formatted field that is interpreted as a location's hours of operation.  This information must be provided in the following format within your import file:

This information can also be provided as a single hours column in the following compact format:


An example of this format is as follows:


This example indicates that this location's hours of operation are

To use import multiple hours fields, the compact format must be used.

Times provided in your import file must use a 24 hour clock.

To indicate a location is open 24 hours a day, use 0:00-23:59

To indicate a closing time into the next day, such as opening at 6AM and closing at 2:30AM use this notation:

The language constant displayed for 24 hours locations is LOCATOR_HOURS_ALL_DAY .

If you want to provide alternative labelling or translations for the the weekday column headings, import your content using constants, such as


Then provide translations in the appropriate language file for LOCATOR_MON  and similar constants.

To translate "Open" and "Closed", provide translations  for LOCATOR_OPEN  and LOCATOR_CLOSED .  To provide a translation for the "Closed" label used in the weekday column, use LOCATOR_HOURS_CLOSED .

To control the time format, provide a format string as shown here:

To show an indicator of the location's open or closed status, see this article.

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