You can import location data directly from your SalesForce Account into MetaLocator.  To import your data, click Data, then Import.  Choose the Salesforce icon as your Data Source:

Click next to show the SalesForce Connection information.  Here you must provide your SalesForce credentials to connect your account.

Once you provide a username, password and security token, click Sign In. This will load the SalesForce Objects available to your account in the Object drop-down box. To choose fields to import, choose the SalesForce object first from the Object drop-down box.  That will load the list of SalesForce Fields available from that object in the Fields drop-down box.  Choose a desired field and click Add to add it to the Selected Fields.  Continue adding fields as needed.

Those requiring access to a SalesForce Sandbox Account must provide the Sandbox WSDL from their SFDC account.  Submit the data to MetaLocator via the Help Desk.

Be sure to include basic location information for your records and a field for the name.  The data you choose to import should include at a minimum, Name (E.g. location name), Street Address City, State and Postal code.

Important: You can only import fields from a single object at a time.

Click Next, and the import process will continue as usual.  Be sure to appropriately map your SalesForce columns to MetaLocator System columns as provided during the next step in the import process.


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