MetaLocator allows you to manage and display reviews for each record in your database.  You can see all of your reviews under the Reviews tab of the MetaLocator Control Panel as shown here.

Each review is linked to a single record, and records can have multiple reviews.  You can jump directly to that record using the shortcut in the record column.

All reviews include the following fields:

  • Rating: A decimal number from 1-5 indicating the number of stars.

  • Date:  The date the rating was provided

  • Comments: Comments provided by the reviewer

  • Full Name: The name of the reviewer

  • Email Address: The email address of the reviewer

  • Published:  A flag indicating if the record is publicly view-able or not.

You can search the Review Panel for a keyword that will match comments, email address, name or the ID of the record.

Importing Reviews in Bulk

Reviews can be added one at a time or they can be imported in bulk along with your locations.  Reviews can also be imported from Yext. To import reviews, add columns as follows to your normal MetaLocator import spreadsheet:







To import more than one review per record, simply provide another set of columns with a higher number at the end, (E.g. review_rating2)

You must provide data for at least the review_rating field for the review to be imported.  Reviews imported multiple times will be not be duplicated.

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