Sometimes it is useful to showcase certain special locations, such as featured dealers.  In this example, we show how to showcase locations assigned a status of "Preferred Dealer", while still providing access to your entire location directory.

One strategy is to display your featured dealers when the map is first loaded, before a search is performed.  This is accomplished with the "Initial Categories" setting shown here:

Our locations are "Tagged", assigning them a Category appropriately as shown here, indicating which locations are preferred and which are non-preferred.

To amplify the idea of highlighted locations, we've added a distinguishing map marker.

Selecting the "Preferred Dealer" Category for the Initial Categories feature is shown below:

Using the settings as indicated, when the map is first loaded, it displays the locations that correspond with our Initial Tag setting.  The map shows only the Preferred Dealers and the icon we've associated with that tag as shown here:

Without the concept of 'Preferred Dealers' configured into the Interface Initial Categories, the display would appear as shown below.

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