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Upgrading and downgrading and quota limits

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MetaLocator offers accounts at various levels depending on your needs.  Customers choose from these various membership options at account sign up.  

Plan quotas are listed on our pricing page, and also in your account under Account Usage.

Customers may can also request an upgrade or downgrade by clicking their plan name as shown below:

Sometimes, our users may exceed their account utilization limits.  For example, a user may accidentally import 600 locations when the chosen account limit is 500 locations.  We will allow the file to be imported, but display a warning on the account that the user has exceeded those limits.

Users are extended a grace period of 10 business days to address any account overages before corrective action is taken by our staff.  This may include the unpublishing of locations, search pages or even account suspension in extreme cases.  We will make every effort to contact our customers before acting on their behalf.

This policy allows the most flexibility for data movement and reorganization without having to worry about the inconvenience of temporary account overages.

If you have received a warning, and believe it to be in error, please contact us.

To address the warning, view your account settings using the link provided in the warning or by going to the user menu in the upper right and choosing Billing => Account Usage.  This will show a table of your account utilization.  Account features utilized over the limit will be displayed in red.

To address an overage, the user must upgrade the account or delete or unpublish locations to get below the account limits.

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