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What is a supported user in MetaLocator?

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MetaLocator provides Supported Users as a cost reduction model for Enterprise and Platinum level accounts looking to avoid per-user charges.

Platinum and Enterprise-level accounts include an unlimited number of administrative users. This allows customers to distribute the application throughout the organization without limits. There are no per-user charges for administrative users.

MetaLocator does charge for Supported Users. Supported Users are administrative users who can contact MetaLocator support staff, ask questions and schedule meetings with our team.

All MetaLocator plans include at least one Supported User.

All users can access the extensive support documentation and our YouTube channel.

This model allows our customers to:

  • Establish a primary point of contact with MetaLocator

  • Establish internal support resources who are in turn supported by MetaLocator

  • Eliminate or limit per-user costs

Customers are free to select the number of Supported Users in their plan without limitation.

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