This article discusses a feature available to Enterprise customers only.

When a customer uses the locator to contact a dealer via our Lead Generation system, you can configure a follow-up email which seeks to gauge the customer's satisfaction with the service they received.

Follow-up emails are only delivered to acknowledged leads, so be sure you have properly set up Lead Acknowledgement.

To enable lead follow-ups, set Send Lead Follow-up to "Yes" under the Lead Generation tab of the Interface Builder. Be sure to complete the configuration steps entirely before enabling lead follow-up.

The follow-up email is configured with a built-in delay, called Follow-up Delay. measured in minutes. This is the time the system should wait before delivering the follow-up email. By default this is set to 4 days.

The actual email is configured in the Follow-up Email Template. The template is pre-configured to include a link to provide a review and comments.

Encouraging the user to leave a star rating and review allows you to configure your dealer locator to sort by location rating. The dealer rating is built from a combination of response time, acknowledgement, review rating and the number of reviews. This creates a cycle of incentive for dealers to respond quickly.

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