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Capturing Leads
Capturing Leads

MetaLocator can help you capture business inquiries and direct them to individual locations

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You can create a link in your locator that displays a contact form for each location that collects business inquiry information from your visitors. We call these inquiries Leads. These leads are stored in MetaLocator under the Leads section and are also optionally delivered via email.

The steps to configuring leads are as follows:

  1. Ensure each record has a valid email address. Be sure the "email" column of your import spreadsheet includes a valid email address for each location, or at least for each one you would like to receive leads. This will ensure we have an address to which the lead should be delivered.

  2. Display an email button on the results. In most of our templates, this is already configured. If not, it can be added as shown below. In the below example we add it to the List of results. It could also be added to the Map Popup or the Details depending on your preference.

3. Customize the Lead Form. The form seen when users click the Email button is configured by clicking Leads as shown below. Add, remove, drag, drop and configure the various fields as shown in this tutorial.

4. Update the Lead Generation Settings.

  • From Display Name: The display name used in the email header. This should be your company name.

  • Lead Recipients: Here you can provide a semi-colon separated list of email addresses to which this email should be delivered in addition to the location-specific email. You can also include a field reference in the list. The field reference should be to a field which contains additional email addresses you would like to include in the recipient list. That field should be included using the "safe" field name in curly braces, as in {mycustomfieldname}

  • Lead Email Subject: The subject of the email delivered

  • Send to Location Email: This enables the delivery of this email to the address provided in the Email Form record you created.

  • Lead Email Body Template: This Twig template controls the email delivered when a lead is created. Important fields are as follows

{{template_item.fromname}} The name of the sender.
{{template_item.fromemail}} The email address of the sender.
{{template_item.leadmessage}} The message contents.
{{template_item.interfacename}} The name of the Interface that generated this lead. (E.g. My Store Locator)
{{}} The name field of the location


{{template_item.theme_color_primary}} The primary color of the Interface, e.g. #123456


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