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Unsubscribe for lead emails
Unsubscribe for lead emails

Allowing partners to unsubscribe from lead can actually increase your response rate

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Sending inquiries to partners that don't respond can be frustrating for your customer. This can also be frustrating for the partner if they aren't interested in those leads. This can occur for many reasons such as:

  1. The recipient no longer works for the partner or used a personal email address

  2. The leads don't meet their business size threshold

  3. They no longer stock your product

Allowing lead recipients to unsubscribe provides a way for dealers and partners to stop incoming lead emails.

To add an unsubscribe link to your lead emails, or Lead Notifications, insert this link:

<a href="%%UNSUBSCRIBE%%" target="_blank">Unsubscribe from this list</a>

in HTML code the Lead Email Body Template or the Lead Notification Template as shown below. That special placeholder will be replaced with a link to unsubscribe.

After the lead recipient clicks on the link, they will see this message:

Administrators will see a new record added under Lead Blocks as shown, indicating the user's email address.

Administrators will also see an email-based notification.

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