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Importing first and last name fields
Importing first and last name fields

When importing people, this article describes options for first and last name

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MetaLocator has had only one long-standing "required" field for each record, and that is the "Name" field. Technically speaking, you can still import records without it, but if you attempt to manually edit a record, the system will require a value for the name field.

For users importing the name as two separate columns, this can be a bit frustrating. This article describes the best practices for importing the name column as two fields.

  1. Automatically set the Name field to First Last: Using an Import Mapping, the name field can be automatically set to the concatenated First and Last name values with a space in between. A new Transformation Mapping should be created with the following template:

    {% if}{{}} {{}}{% endif %}

    This presumes your field names are "firstname" and "lastname".

  2. Update the data in Excel: If the import spreadsheet contains a column for firstname and lastname, a new column called name could be added containing a formula as shown below:

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