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Tracking phone calls
Tracking phone calls

Use call tracking to capture phone calls from your locator

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When a user visits a locator, buttons like Email, Contact Us and so forth are great for capturing leads with a Lead Form. However, how can you measure those users who simply dial the phone number on the result? The answer is call tracking.

MetaLocator call tracking uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to insert a special tracking phone number in place of the phone number for the location. When that tracking number is dialed, the call is connected to the original number and the caller (and recipient) connect as if the user had called the original number directly. The caller ID information is forwarded as well to ensure the process is entirely transparent.

With phone call tracking in place, Lead Dashboard reporting includes metrics on the total number of calls, average duration and unanswered calls.

Purchasing Call Tracking Numbers

To set up call tracking the first step is to purchase tracking numbers for each location. Tracking numbers are charged per month, for a minimum of one month. Tracking number charges are not pro-rated if released before a month is over.

Phone call tracking is currently offered in the United States and Canada.

To purchase tracking numbers, under Data > All Records, select the location records for tracking. Then choose Purchase Tracking Numbers as shown below.

The billing action will be performed immediately, and so a valid payment method must be on file.

Displaying Tracking Numbers in the Locator

Tracking numbers can be added to the locator like any other MetaLocator field.

  1. Click Results > List,

  2. Click Add Field.

  3. In the Special Fields tab, select "Tracking Number"

  4. Click Add Field as shown below.

It is also recommended to remove the regular Phone field from your result card. The tracking number template will display the regular phone field if no value is present for the tracking number.

Reporting Results

As phone calls are made to your tracking numbers, under Leads > Lead Dashboard, the calls will be summarized as shown below.

The leaderboards show the locations with the most unanswered or failed phone calls.

Under Leads > All Leads each phone call will be listed and indicated by the phone icon in the Source column.

Phone-based leads are also included in the Lead Export, available by clicking Export in the Tool bar.

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