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What are interfaces (a.k.a locators)?
What are interfaces (a.k.a locators)?
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Interfaces, also known as "locators", comprise a complete search solution for your Web site.  Most customers only require one Interface which displays their complete store locator.  Each Interface yields one line of code that you can copy and paste to a page on your Web site which then becomes the MetaLocator Interface used by your visitors.

Depending on your needs, you may require additional Interface, or locators.  Consider the following example:  A manufacturer of bicycles has distributors and retail locations.  They correctly understand that their retail customers are probably not interested in their distributor network.  Therefore, they create two locators and display them on two different areas of their Web site.  The first for distributors only, and the second for retail locations.

Each Interface page is independently configurable, so one Interface can look entirely different from the next and even display different data.  Each Interface yields one line of code that you can copy and paste to a different location on your Web site, allowing you to provide the most relevant data to your many audiences.

Other reasons users may require multiple locators include:

  • A locator for a different language translation of the same data

  • A locator for Facebook

  • A small locator search box that links to the larger locator

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