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Updates included in release 4523
Updates included in release 4523
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  1. Fix for hours import as Monday Hours, Tuesday Hours column headings in the import file without spaces.

  2. Added "use_fcc_county_database" option for PR counties as "Use FCC Database for county" under Territory option group.  This adds county-level territory support for Puerto Rico et. al.

  3. Updated default spreadsheet for hours import change.

  4. Added global territory option.  Skips the country to ensure locations where global-territory = 1 are always displayed.

  5. Updated related records management to allow bi-directional delete.  Deleting persons from location records and vice-versa.

  6. Added support for conditional comments in related records to hide where no related records.  This allows container hiding when no related records are added.

  7. Added related_filter attribute for related_mltable field type.  {personsatthislocation related_mltable="firstname=tim"}

  8. Fix for export context to be the same as directory context to preserve filters set for export

  9. Fix to bulk actions menu not visible in IE11

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