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Updates included in the 10/7/2022 Release
Updates included in the 10/7/2022 Release
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This release includes the following updates:

  • Significant updates to our Rich Media template to ensure WCAG AA accessibility off the shelf, including an update to our default primary color, which (barely) did not meet minimum contrast requirements for the visually impaired.

  • Added the ability to import data from the clipboard by copy and paste from Excel or Google Sheets

  • Added the "Click to View" phone number

  • The ability to specify "Distance" in the field sorting, which allows users to control where distance is applied in the sorting logic

  • Updates to the marker z-Index stacking to ensure the active marker is always in the foreground when closely surrounded by other markers.

  • Added "Title" as an option for dynamic marker labels

  • Added a new report to the lead dashboard to show top bouncing email addresses

  • FIX: Properly hiding the details button tooltip when the details pane opens

  • FIX: Updated a few social media field settings to include proper FontAwesome icons

  • FIX: Corrected a configuration item in our default setup that prevented the "Show all" initial state from functioning as expected

  • FIX: Restored tooltip notification in the Unified Share dialog after clicking copy.

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